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"Living overseas has always made it difficult communicating with past agencies but with Managed I can get a snap shot of my property anytime, wherever I am. I know where my tenants are paid to, when my next bills are due and I don’t have to wait for someone to reply to me with this information which normally takes a few days with the time difference. Getting my rent immediately is probably the best thing about Managed because now I can actually manage my cash flow at any point in the month"

— Alex Foutris

Senior Professionals

"Managed completed an audit on my property as soon as they took over and actually found that the previous managing agent hadn’t even requested or lodged a bond with the current tenant.

Now I know more about my property, where my tenants are paid to, when my next bills are due and I am confident that it is being managed thoroughly and professionally."

— Elisha Butler

Young Professionals

"My rent is immediately in my account every week & I never need to ask questions about payments, bills or the lease. My tenants are also much more comfortable as their team places a great emphasis on tenant wellbeing"

— Stephan Castagnet
Property Development Workshops

Serial Investors

"I cannot recommend Managed more highly. After dealing with a number of real estate agents it has been refreshing to find an organisation that is so service oriented. From the minute I met Daniel he was completely focused on the marketing and preparation of my property. Highly responsive with all his communications and meetings it wasn’t long before my property was leased. Even better their platform allows for rental to be immediately deposited into my account along with immediate payment of associated property bills. I wouldn’t go past these guys!"

— Anna K
IAG Group

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