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Stream is a Property Management and investment platform that is driven by technology. Our team and network consist of the best Property Managers in the country.

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Stream is positioned not just as a property management platform but as​​ a portfolio and investment business with our team sharing the collective aim of helping investors consolidate, understand & grow their property portfolios.

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Stream is about working alongside our investor clients to deliver results & promote confidence when it comes to one of the largest investments the will make. We are strictly property management to provide an absolute no-conflict service to our landlords.

Our team will always act honestly and fairly with the aim to earn the trust of our clients, colleagues, community and shareholders through the quality of our work and our high ethical standards.

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We firmly believe that no company can build a coherent culture without people who either share its core values and possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values.

Our team are all career investment advisors and property managers. We thrive on growing portfolios and maximising returns for our clients. We operate as a whole when it comes to clients, contacts and responsibility.

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Why We Exist
Because we asked Australian landlords how they felt about property management and this is what they said:

Armed with these results, we built our platform to tackle all these issues with innovative solutions.

Momentum Media survey 2017, Stream Buyer Expo survey

Our Team
Thom Richards Director
Nick Bouris Director
Daniel Bemrose Property Management Associate
Blair Dods CTO